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Note: This product is currently NOT approved for sale in Canada under the federal Feeds Act and Regulations. Interested parties are responsible for determining if importation or use restrictions exist in their respective countries.


GRO-UP* Feed Supplement Powder (Chemcial-free/antibiotic-free/ vitamin and mineral feed with probiotics)

GRO-UP is a highly specialised non-antibiotic, non-chemotherapeutic, bio-growth promoting feed supplement mixture.

GRO-UP is fortified with phytase & provides all the nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamin-B complex, calcium, phosphorus & U.G.F (Unknown Growth Promoting Factor).

GRO-UP comprises of natural live yeast cells grown on cereals, ensuring not to kill or injure the yeast nor reduce any of the natural ingredients. Therefore , GRO-UP produces no active enzymes.

GRO-UP has been conditioned to ensure immediate action upon contact with moisture and heat in the digestive tract.

GRO-UP enhances the growth of beneficial microflora in GI tract. It provides enzymes similar to the to those already secreted by the digestive tract, thereby strengthening GI strength and cellulose and fibre digestion.

GRO-UP prevents bacterial diarrhoea by checking proliferation and growth of pathogenic organisms.

U.G.F. (Unknown Growth-Promoting Factor) in GRO-UP produced during fermentation, improves the growth rate.

GRO-UP has its characteristics aroma which enhances palatability of feed.

All these performance characteristics contribute to healthier poultry, with strengthened immune systems better equipped in resisting avian diseases and increasing productivities.

COMPOSITION (per kg)         
Saccharomyces  Cerevisiae:

1.5 x1011  CFU

Lactobacillus sporogenes:

30,000 million  CFU


Fortified with phytasephosphorus, proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins and UGF.

Poultry As a growth promoter

To improve overall physical and immunological resistance

To minimize chick mortality

To improve egg shell quality and strength

To improve weight gain

To improve feed to weight gain conversation ratio

To improve fertility and hatchability

RECOMMENDED RATIO 500g – 1kg / ton of feed.    

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